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SummerHill Housing Group Makes Its Debut

October 23, 2012 | The Registry

SummerHill Homes and Urban Housing Group take Market Lead.

By Publisher in News Releases.


SAN RAMON, CA (Oct. 22, 2012) - Two real estate powerhouses are now under one roof in a unique partnership forged to serve the home-sales and multifamily rental markets.

Newly formed SummerHill Housing Group is now the umbrella organization for award-winning Bay Area builder SummerHill Homes and West Coast apartment developer Urban Housing Group. Robert Freed, President and CEO for both, will lead at SummerHill Housing Group.

SummerHill Homes will keep its name but Urban Housing Group will become SummerHill Apartment Communities in the change. "We see this move as a way to strengthen the capabilities of two highly successful enterprises," Freed said.


SummerHill Housing Group provides the expertise, financial capabilities, and staffing power in the for-sale and for-rent markets, something Freed calls "a natural synergy in the Bay Area." Few other firms are equipped to combine capabilities for the for-sale and rental markets, largely because of the vastly different complexities of financing and land acquisition between the two disciplines.

SummerHill housing and apartment teams draw upon decades of experience and expertise in all phases of developing properties from beginning to completion. And for landowners in particular, that adds up to a powerful alliance.

SummerHill can assess the best options for a property that will bring the best financial return — whether for-sale or rental — landowners are assured of getting the maximum value for their properties. And they can have confidence that SummerHill, with the respect it has earned in the marketplace for its unparalleled knowledge of local development and its long-standing history of achievement, can navigate the complex worlds of sophisticated financing, government regulation and zoning requirements for the project.

“Our combined reputation for high-quality projects, our track records of success, and our history of financial and land acquisition success make this a solid partnership,” Freed said. “We’re excited about what’s ahead.”

About SummerHill Housing Group

SummerHill Housing Group combines the expertise and market strength of the highly respected development firms San Ramon-based SummerHill Homes and SummerHill Apartment Communities. SummerHill Homes specializes in mid- to high-end homes, and is nationally recognized for customizing development plans to accommodate a site’s special characteristics. Summerhill Apartment Communities has a long track record of developing award-winning apartment and mixed-use infill rental housing communities. Both firms specialize in the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California.



SummerHill Homes is a nationally-recognized home builder focusing on the unique needs of the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California. SHH has earned recognition and respect as one of the nation’s premier residential community builders. The company is renowned for developing specialized single-family detached and multi-family housing communities in established residential settings throughout California. Since its inception in 1976, SummerHill Homes’s goals have been to provide quality homes for its customers, Communities of Distinction for cities, and sound business opportunities for its partners.


SummerHill Apartment Communities is the leader in providing quality, smart growth, multi-family rental housing and mixed-use developments located throughout the western United States. SHAC defines excellence in customer relationships, the quality of products and in every aspect of operations. Criteria for site development are highly selective to meet the company’s objectives. SHAC uses extensive market analysis to identify housing needs, and then customizes each development to achieve the highest potential.

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