• Creation of a 2.5 acre public park/open space before a building permit is issued for the development's 16th home
  • A public "outlook point" within the subdivision.
  • Pedestrian trails and two bridges leading to and through the public open space. These would also have to be constructed before a building permit is issued for the 16th home.

    At a council meeting last month, SummerHill representative Denise Cunningham touted the development agreement, saying it offers significant benefits to the town.

    "We feel these improvements go above and beyond what would be required in this community," Cunningham said.

    The town estimates the value of the public improvements, including the construction of a sidewalk along Camino Ricardo from the project to Moraga Way, at $2.69 million. SummerHill will also contribute $55,000 to the town for other pedestrian improvements and pay impact fees of about $573,000, according to a staff report.

    Additional public safety improvements, including a high-visibility crosswalk from a bridge and trail crossing to the Moraga Commons Skatepark, are valued at $77,572. Construction is slated to begin in the fall.